Pass the Time

Match wits with your most reliable friend and relentless enemy: Time.

How long is 5 seconds? or 2? How about 7? It sounds simple - and it is - but it's not so easy. Try it in a crowded room or bar. Try it with music playing, or your friends distracting you. You'll find that your notion of time is not so accurate or even as consistent as you thought.

Test your concentration and patience by guessing random times between 2 and 9 seconds. Challenge your friends in the multi-player mode. Anyone who can count can play.

Guessing within 10% of the challenge time is a "hit", otherwise it's a "miss". Guess within 1% and it's a "perfect" score.

"Pass the Time" is great for kids and adults alike, and is guaranteed to keep you busy for at least 2 seconds.

"Pass the Time" is also is a great drinking game. Just start a single-player game and pass the game around. Anyone getting a "miss" must drink. Anyone getting a "perfect" score makes everyone else drink. (Please drink responsibly!)


  • Tap the "i" button on each screen to read information about that screen.
  • Turn on the optional time display to see the time you guessed.
  • Turn on the optional "time quotes" and get a handy proverb after each "perfect" score.